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The Catlike Whisper is definitely going...

The Catlike Whisper is definitely going to be next helmet purchase. I am having difficulty purchasing online because of how the sales are labeled. My big question is, what is the difference between, "Whisper Plus"and "Whisper Deluxe"? My LBS does not carry this brand, nor do many other LBS' in my area . My biggest concern would be purchasing a counterfit helmet. Help!

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The difference is that the Deluxe comes in more colors and has holes to attach a visor (sold separately). That's really it. And you should have no concerns about getting counterfeit stuff from Backcountry, they're a legitimate organization.

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Thanks, AB! Not to be a weight weenie, but would you happen to know if there are any differences in weight?

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The Deluxe is actually a little bit heavier, but I can't figure out why.