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Stupid question, but how do you lace these...

Stupid question, but how do you lace these shoes? I haven't been able to ride clipless since my knee surgery and have been just getting by in a pair of Salomon quick pull lacing sytem running shoes (which tucks safely out of the way). How do people lace these up so they don't get caught on anything - I'm assuming you just don't tie them in a bow?

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Hey there Lorp, there are no dumb questions : )
Myself and my buddies don't usually worry about the laces when DH riding. I've never caught mine on anything anyway...
If you were worried, you could definitely tuck them out of the way underneath the beefy tongue of this shoe.

This shoe also has removable insoles, which we didn't mention above. This is pretty sweet if you ever need to battle the hot summer foot funk!

Happy trails!

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I laced mine with "yankz" the elastic laces sold here on bc. Makes a perfect pair...