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Still like the concept of these weather...

Still like the concept of these weather resistant pants...does anyone have any actual experience riding with do you manage the extra material at the lower leg and not getting it caught-up in the bike? Or, is there another brand that would also fit the bill ( I don't know who does weather protection better besides Gore), but fit better? I mountain/trail ride mostly. Thanks for any helpful tips!

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I actually think that Gore bike pants are really good. I have been riding in these since November 2012 in New York City and I've been always dry, and although they do not have a inner layer for cold I use them on top of my tights. They are like a windbreaker... they are long enough to cover the boots if it rains and to allow you comfortably to ride. Sometimes the material on the lower leg rubs my chain but I haven't been caught yet. It doesn't happen to me frequently. I am 5' 6 " and 152 lb. I chose the size XL. For me I do not care if I look baggy, I went for the extra-protection. There are two Velcro attachments and I use the vertical one.

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Thanks, cla...that's the reason I wanted these, too (extra protection). I'm the same basic build and the large was too close for going over the tights comfortably. Maybe I'll give them another try...still concerned about entanglement in the chain...but you've had no real problem...maybe someone else has a "trick" for keeping the bottom leg out of trouble...Thanks again!