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Gear Question

Size of threaded end?

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Size of threaded end?

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9/16 inch diameter x 20 thread per inch. Unless you have a really old pair of french cranks or a kids bike these pedals will fit. You use a 15mm wrench to install the pedals, a special "pedal wrench" can make it easier on some pedal types. Each pedal will be stamped with an L or R for left or right which is the side of the bike the pedal belongs to (while in a riding position, riders left or right). The right pedal is right-hand threaded, the left is reverse threaded. An easy way to remember this is that to tighten the pedal, turn it the same direction of the crank to go forward. Be careful removing old stubborn pedals and the placement of your hand, many knuckles have been damaged with this operation.