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Ok, I'm so confused. I use 2.25" diameter...

Ok, I'm so confused. I use 2.25" diameter drums and they are definitely a workout in higher gears. But they're definitely spin-able if I use lower gears. If I add the Resistance Fan for some cooling breeze and to make it a bit harder, am I just asking for death or is anyone using this combo successfully?

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Having used the fan, and as one who does hard sessions on the smaller rollers myself, (no fan) my opinion is that the blower is way overkill with the smaller roller. You would wind up riding small gears which is of course less stable on rollers. I have used the blower with the 4 inch drums and that works very well because the larger drum provides significantly less resistance on it's own. The key piece of this, and a major detail missing from the BC description, is that the blower provides variable resistance. There is a little door on the side of that turbine that regulates how much air it's able grab. Full closed = not much harder than no fan at all. Full open simulates the kind of headwind that makes you use every swear word ever heard. "Kreitler Killer" is the perfect product name. Again, just my opinion but the blower is really FOR doing HARD roller intervals where a partner is opening and closing the little door for you based on time, heart rate scream volume, time between dry heaves.... Anyway I would forget about the fan cooling you off and consider the blower if you want to do masochistic interval sessions. (I once got so trashed doing "blower intervals" that I fell off the damn rollers and broke a bone in my hand.) For cooling, there's a great home fan called a "Vornado"I can recommend.