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Gear Question

My shimano Deore M510 front derailleur was...

My shimano Deore M510 front derailleur was smashed up this weekend and I'm wondering if I can switch it out for the saint derailleur with out switching my shifters. I have an 06 Specialized FSR XC with 3 rings on the front.

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You should use the XT derailleur, the saint one is heavier and more freeride orientated.

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This derailleur is 147g and the XT is 183g. Is there any real downside to using it instead of the XT?

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The Saint Front Der is Designed to work with the 83 mm BB Shell and your Specialized has the XC Standard either a 68 or 73 mm BB Shell. Make sure you buy the right clamp style and buy the XT or SLX both will fit your ride.