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Gear Question

My hands (and feet) get really cold when...

My hands (and feet) get really cold when cycling, but I worry about not being able to control my bike (particularly on descents) if I'm wearing really thick gloves and can't feel the brakes or shifters. I presume that these gloves will keep my hands warm, but are they so thick that I won't be able to feel my hands on the bars, brakes, and shifters?

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The great thing about GORE-TEX® is that it is completely windproof and waterproof yet breathable. Therefore, as some of your body's perspriation runs down your arm and into your gloves, the GORE-TEX® membrane keeps the wind from reaching the perspriation thereby keeping the water from being chilled on your body. Additionally, the perspriation is able to be transfered away from the hand because of the breathable properties of the membrane. The end result is that we do not have to add lots of additional insulation in order to achieve warmth.Hope this helpsDave - GORE BIKE WEAR™