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Looking at taking my SRAM Force to a single...

Looking at taking my SRAM Force to a single ring up front. Thinking of Salsa 42t BCD ring & guard. Going on a 2009 Ridley X-Fire. Not sure what "double" refers to, but at this price, it's worth asking: in the described configuration, will this work?

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You want the single if you are going single ring. The single has a little notch on the top that goes over your chain not allowing it to pop off. Pair it with a K-edge guard and you are money. I am running the exact same scenario right now, salsa 42 tooth, k-edge 42 tooth guard and this Single guard. Its the best option out there. I ran double guards last year and this option is lighter, better looking and works way better. Its the bees knees.

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Thanks - after further research, that's exactly the inner guard I ended up with. Went with the Salsa outer guard (44) and it's perfect for the 42 chainring. I think it will protect the chain & ring better if I should get high centered on a log/rock/barrier.