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Layering & Rear Pockets
I routinely carry...

Layering & Rear Pockets
I routinely carry smallish items (phone, wallet, gel & bar) stored in rear jersey pockets, or those of my excellent Phantom (medium & comfortable) jacket. Since the Oxygen GT jacket lacks rear pockets it seems I will normally need a jersey underneath. Will the Oxygen GT (medium) fit reasonably over a jersey in these circumstances or should I consider the Fusion GT instead?

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Yes, you will have space for those items in the rear jersey pockets. Reaching those items might be a different issue.

Due to the form fit and the extra length in the back, it may be a little awkward getting into the pockets. When I reach around to get stuff out of pockets, the jacket pulls a bit on the chest. If I were on the high-end of the size range, I'm not sure I could reach the pockets. If I unzip the front about 6 inches, no problems.

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Agree, your not going to reach around and get anything out of your jersey pockets wearing this jacket. Pull over and lift up yes; but on the bike it would be a pain. I have the medium 5'7" 140lbs and it fits nice; I can put stuff in my jersey pockets with this jacket on.