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I've had these oakleys before, but they...

I've had these oakleys before, but they got lost, and now i want another pair. do u all think they'll work well for outdoor volleyball?

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You may want a darker lens since I feel like you look towards the sky quite a bit playing volleyball. The style though, should work fine. If you liked the ones you had before, I'm sure you will like the again.

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Try the Black Iridium POLORIZED lens for really sunny days. But for overcast days, maybe the Grey Iridium, or even transistions* lens may work better. You can, of course, order a frame with multiple lens so you'll be "covered" not matter what!

If you go on the Oakley site, they have a really 'cool-tool' that lets you see a simulated view a variety of their lens (tons of choices!), in a variety of outdoor settings (golf, bright light, overcast, trail, etc.). It's "ingenious"! You can check it out there, and still purchase here!

Hope this helps!