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I've got flabby upper legs, is there a...

I've got flabby upper legs, is there a short that compresses the whole upper leg that comes in a size S or M?

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I'm sure you would look great in anything! But the way compression works, it can be tough on many body types. LG has redesigned a few compression pieces that are specific to the female anatomy over the males. Check out the LG neo power fit short: The "half-moon" compression panel on the outside vs the full-wrap compression on most shorts works better with a females legs. You might also look into the Fit Sensors:

Let me know if you have questions between these two.

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I am not (not yet!) a "lean, mean cycling machine", but I've just got the 'neo power-fit' short, and can say they fit great...not too tight/binding (I'm a street size 10/12, 5'6",and can wear the XL with no leg-grippers on these, either, and they will ride up a bit, but because they're a bit longer, it's not as much a problem as it would be if they were shorter. Hope this can still help!

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