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Is there a sizing chart for leg warmers?

Is there a sizing chart for leg warmers?

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In general sizing by companies making knee and leg warmers tend to follow inseam sizing. However, since knee/leg warmers are also a function of the size of your leg diameter (Hamstring & Quad circumference) you need to think about this measurement as well. Remember that warmer lengths are not your inseam since you are covering your leg from the middle of the legs in your shorts to your ankle, so these measurements would be shorter than a inseam that matches.
For example: I am a 33" inseam but have lean muscle and thus not very large quads/hammi's. I can wear a (L) but prefer a (M) due to the diameter of my quad/hammi.
Here are some basics for leg warmer measurements. Ride On.

XS - 23" length 16" quad/upper leg

S - 24" length 18" quad/upper leg

M - 25" length 20" quad/upper leg

L - 26" length 22" quad/upper leg

XL - 27" length 24" quad/upper leg