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Is the snug tite lock effective in reducing...

Is the snug tite lock effective in reducing or eliminating play in the receiver?

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We got the "2013" modle, and can ony say there is NO excesive play in the unit we have, ours is only the 1" 1/4 receiver for on a Civic...probably more stable yet on a truck. You can go directly to Thulle and download a PDF that might be better able to answere your question on the modle you have, or better yet, call the company. Can only say ours is (so far) the best; we bungy the tires for a little added stabilization to help bikes from possibly banging against each other, though it's not necessary.
NOTE: Just make sure you tighten down good both before you leave home, and again when you leaving for home. We've had them start to wobble, just a bit, on the way back to the house from a long trip; they were fine earlier, but a somewhat rough road loosened the hitch bolt a bit. Just make it a habit to check both times...

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Absolute. With the snug-tite lock there is almost zero play between the rack and receiver on my car with a 2 inch receiver.