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Is anyone experiencing bike top tube damage...

Is anyone experiencing bike top tube damage caussed by the way this rack secures the bike? Thanks. Would the XTR with wheel securing arms be better or worse?

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Are you squishing the clamp hook down on the top tube? It sounds like you are, but maybe you aren't? The top tube has nothing to do with securing bikes with this rack. The hook grabs the wheel/tire and holds it in the wheel saddle. The rear wheel gets held down with a ratcheted strap with a cam buckle that holds it down securely.
The only damage this rack does to the bike is it has a tendency to rub the lowers on your front suspension fork. I use a small shop rag tied around the foam area on the hook where it can touch the fork. No top tube issues at all.

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Yes, this should not be contacting the top tube of bikes.

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Right, just watch the front suspension. Not so much a problem with my friends GT, but it's very tight, or close, for my Fuel EX 8; but no big deal if you just keep it in mind and just not shove the arm too far forward. That's the only issue, if a issue at all, regarding this least, so far.