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I'm not sure which rubber heel pad I...

I'm not sure which rubber heel pad I need.....My Sidi's are red with silver heel, top of heel is red and white "V" design.

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millenium 2 sole is for shoes with no rivet at the back of the sole, millenium 3 is for shoes with a rivet at the back of the sole (the millenium 3 is the one with the notch in the plastic where it has the logo-in the same place as the notch in the rubber-to avoid hitting the rivet, millenium 2 has no notch cut out). The plugs/nubs in the back are meant if you have plug holes in your soles, some have two, some have one, some don't have any. If you don't have plug holes you just clip off the plastic plug(s). Both come with the two plastic plugs/nubs. Basically you get the same ones you already have by comparing to the pictures.