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I'm new to roof racks. I want to put a...

I'm new to roof racks. I want to put a rack on top of my Subaru Legacy wagon and would like to be able to carry at least 3 bikes. Since everything needs to be bought separately (it seems) from Thule . . . what are all the pieces I need to buy (I have nothing but the factory roof rack at the moment. Thanks!

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If you have cross bars already on your car you just need to purchase the bike mounts and the lock cylinders( not required but recommended). If you don't have any type of mount on your car you need to buy the fit kit (your vehicle will have a particular fit kit for it), the cross bars and the bike mounts. The fit kit is tailored the to fit your vehicle's roof, lock on to the frame of your car and hold the cross bars. The bike mounts can then be mounted on the cross bars. As i said before i would also recommend getting lock cylinders so you can lock your bikes into you bike mounts. A fairing is also a nice optional piece of equipment to consider as it helps with aerodynamics and looks nice.