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I'm looking for the best cycling shoe cover...

I'm looking for the best cycling shoe cover for wet weather riding. I live is Seattle, where is rains a good amount, so need something that is durable, and near completely weatherproof. and suggestions?

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I live in Seattle, too, and commute from Seward Park to Georgetown. I have the standard Endura shoe cover ($39.95) and wore them last winter November through April. About 800 miles. They replaced a pair of Pearl Izumi AmFib shoe covers.

The Endura is about as waterproof as anything I've used. The covers are seam-sealed and the zips let in very little to no water. I wear the PI Pro Barrier WXB pants with the cuffs zipped over the tops of the Endura so the tops are tightly sealed. The Endura's soles are very durable and show no wear at all. Little, if any, water gets through the cover soles (I tape the vent holes in the bottoms of my cleated road shoes). The Endura is VERY snug fitting which I think is great. No fabric flapping around or rubbing against the crank arms. Makes a great fit under the rain pants. They dry quickly.

But, there's a bit of learning curve getting them on and off. I've learned to pull them on like a pair of tight gloves and literally peel them off. Also, the outer layer of neoprene can be cut or snagged. I've made minor repairs with a small drop of Super Glue, then pressing the edges together until the glue sets.

I've started wearing them again this week and they're just as good as they were when I last wore them in April. And this winter is supposed to be as wet as last winter. Try them. I think you'll like them a lot.