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I'm getting the vittoria open pave evo...

I'm getting the vittoria open pave evo clincher tires soon and they are a 700x24...

The latex tubes are available in either a 700x23 or 700-25 (yes, I know both offer a range, I am mentioning the max on one, and the min on the other).

I'm inclined to get the 23 so it stretches up to the 24, as opposed to having the larger tube with more weight.


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Don't bother. This looks like it is a little late but I've ran the Pave for a long time now and normal tubes are just fine. Vittoria tires are the best. No need to waist your money on a tube that may last you a week.

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Huh...a week? Don't know where you got that info. I actually get FEWER flats with latex, as when paired with a high tpi tire, the combination is MORE supple, and tends to run over road debris, rather than having the debris get forced thru the tire, into the tube.
I actually DID have a flat a couple of weeks ago, and the latex tube leaked about half of it's air, then stopped. I rode 5 miles to the store stop on 50-60psi without issue. Never had a butyl tube do that. (Veloflex tire. It had a cut THRU the tread and casing)
And honestly, if one invests $5000 on a bike, and rides $1000+ wheels, and $75 tires, why would one use a $4 butyl tube?