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I'm fairly new to cycling and am looking...

I'm fairly new to cycling and am looking for a clipless pedal that is real easy to get in and out of, do these fit that bill? I have to make about 3-4 stops on the route I ride for the cross roads and need to be able to easily get out off the pedal, at least while learning to ride in clipless pedals, so I don't fall over.

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Yes, these will be good for learning. Even easier to learn on would be a double sided entry pedal, where you just have to step down and not worry about which side of the pedal is facing up. Most platform style road pedals are single sided so if you get used to this then you should be able to transition to another platform pedal pretty easily.

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This is a good pedal if you would like the option not to wear cycling specific shoes all the time. It also is good for beginning cyclist who are learning to clip-in and out so they can use the platform at stops and start or in sticky situations.