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I'm 5'11'' with a 34" waist and 32" inseam....

I'm 5'11'' with a 34" waist and 32" inseam. I just returned a pair of Castelli bib tights size Large because they were too tight through the leg (I have big legs). Any idea of whether I would be a L or XL in Gore?

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I believe the 'XL' will suit you better; first and foremost, you don't want to restrict movement, making your rides counterproductive, and uncomfortable. Compression is great, in good measure, but it sounds like you just need the next size up; as compression shouldn't hinder movement, just support muscles and help blood flow to/from them.

The waist size difference is somewhat negligible, with a variant of 1.75...and taking into consideration that many of Gore's products run a bit on the smaller sider of the spectrum (not all, but some of it does). Muscles will expand with exertion, etc., as well.

And, you don't want that much ankle exposed to the elements, which is what will happen with the smaller of the two sizes; though you could wear 'booties' when it gets very cold, giving you some added protection.

Overall, it sounds like the 'XL' will probably be your best fit in Gore...and in ALL the Italian lines...size up!

Hope this still helps some!