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I was measured for a saddle at 143mm. I'm...

I was measured for a saddle at 143mm. I'm 5'11" and weigh 260lbs. I want to find a saddle that will be comfortable for long distances. Working on doing 100 miles a week and want to improve on that. Which Fizik saddle would be right for me? I've been riding for a year now and 35 miles is my longest ride so far.

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Fi'zi:k saddles focus mostly on the way you bend forward.

How you bend forward will determine how to find the right angle for your sit bones/taint area. This is an area that Fi'zi:k does well at.

going from 30-100 is obviously a big change in riding style and stamina (not in the way you are thinking).
I am very happy with my Fi'zi:k but i went to an authorized dealer to confirm my saddle fit.