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I purchased one of these jerseys from you...

I purchased one of these jerseys from you a couple months ago and found it to be a bit on the large side. I just noticed yesterday that it would appear that the jersey is an XL and not a large. I just want to confirm the sizing. It is clearly labled XL in large print but below that has several other size options listed and there is a large noted. But I can't read what country that sizing is for? If in fact the large print is what the shirt should be I was sent an XL by mistake but would like to order the correct size

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Many, if not most, clothing has sizes listed in both U.S., and a few other countries. Usually, the U.S. size is listed first; and it will say U.S.; others may be Italy, France, Germany, etc., in their size equivalents.
If your jersey doesn't work for you, you can always send it back to B.C. for an exchange/refund.