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I love the look of this jacket. I have...

I love the look of this jacket. I have two questions, is it only for winter riding or can it also be used on fall rainy days? Is it waterproof?

Also, I live in Canada, is it possible to ship to Canada and what is the return procedure if it doesn't fit?


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A) Its description claims it is for cold weather cycling...I live in the lower Great Lakes Area (snow belt) and I would definitely recommend a good merino wool base layer, or Gore's Windstopper zip mock, in addition to a good winter jersey. Gore is the best foul weather protection. I also like Giordana FR-C winter apparel. You may want to consider a good warm jacket, jersy, base layer, and if its' really nasty, I wear the Gore ALP-X 2.0 Jacket over all. You want to also thing about protection for you legs, in the same manor. Again, Gore offeres water proof cycling over pants, too (note: if you use these, get a good leg band/strap to keep your pant leg out of chain trouble (Deuter makes a really good one $11.00 U.S.). A balaclava may be needed at times, and "lobster" type mits for your hands are warmer than single finger gloves. Gore also offers (fall/winter) their "WindstopperUniversal Thermal Cap" that fits under helmet, covers ears, and has little side slots for the arms of your glasses to fit in, thereby prohibiting gaps/cold wind! Covers your forehead well, and is warm, to boot. Clever, and it works. Shoe covers will help you, too.
Hope This Helps Your Next Fall/Winter Rides! Be Safe & Comfortable!