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Gear Question

I keep breaking spokes in my stock rear...

I keep breaking spokes in my stock rear wheel on ascents (3 times) and need to replace it with something a bit more capable of handling my 6'4" 235lb frame. I am a non-competitive roadie so I don't need the highest end wheel sets but not the low end either... something in the <$200 range is what I am focusing on. I will entertain other options if I think it would be worth the cost difference. Will accept any recommendations... appreciate any words of advice.

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At your height and weight I would consider looking into a pair of clydesdale wheels. Wheels in this price range tend to be made with lower grade material. Depending on were you live (ex. close to a beach) a wheel made with copper in the nipples can corrode easier and cause them to break. I would strongly recommend at least one level higher for your weight. It's better to spend a little more for a higher end product then have to spend more money fixing and replacing