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I have two questions. 1. If i bought my...

I have two questions. 1. If i bought my radar glasses with pitch lenses, can i buy replacement lenses that are path shape. 2. And if i can, which im pretty sure i can, how do i replace it. I have tried to remove my current lens but i cant get it out. Could someone please instruct me on how to remove the lens from radar sunglasses? Thanks

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(1) Yes--the Radar frames take any Radar lens shape.(2) Beware which frames you have. Some like white chrome and polished aluminum can peel when scraped while you change lenses in particular. Changing revolves around pinching the nose piece, then popping the bottom of the frame away from the nose piece. It's easy after that. For the new one, you put the sides in, then the top edge, then deal with the nose piece (reverse order of removal). You can find instructions at and a couple other places on the web: