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Gear Question

I have a 3.1 Madone and I cannot climb...

I have a 3.1 Madone and I cannot climb hills due to the weight of the wheels and the bike so I decided to get the V Fortezza tri comp in hopes of being a better climber with lighter wheels. Any advice, sign Pearl

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It's not the weight of your bike, or your wheels, your 3.1 should have compact gearing, all you need to do is ride more

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Although losing rotational weight does make more of a difference than frame weight you do have a very decent bike. Put a climb into every ride and start in a gear that you can sustain, don't start big and move down. On the days you can't ride, put your bike on an indoor trainer and put in a Spinerval, or other, workout DVD. Adding indoor training on the busy days makes the greatest difference.