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I have a 2004 Ford 250 super cab pickup...

I have a 2004 Ford 250 super cab pickup with a canopy (same level as the cab). Want to haul 2-grumman canoes (aluminum, weighing 75 lbs each). Will the goalpost work for 2 canoes (plus the half-packs and bar up front) and what other accessories do I need to buy with this equipment? Thanks, Ken

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It's unlikely that the Goal Post will work for two canoes. Most canoes are somewhere around 35" wide, so unless you are able to stagger them enough, or get longer crossbars you won't have enough room for two boats.

To get one boat loaded, you'll also want a Thule Canoe Carrier. This will provide a fixed point on the crossbars to strap the canoe to. The Goal Post is rated for 165lbs, so if you are able to fit them both you won't be over the weight limit. You can also increase security and stability with a Thule Snug Tite, but this is optional.

This is a tricky setup that you are attempting, so my advice is to start early, order the parts and try it out, so you have time to adjust/adapt before you hit the road. Remember, has a great customer service policy. If something doesn't work out, just send it back. You pay only a flat shipping rate (about $7).-