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Gear Question

I have 2 questions:
(1) What's the difference...

I have 2 questions:
(1) What's the difference between the Gore's Oxygen SO Bib Tight + Insert, and the ALP-X 2.0 SO Bib Tights with Chamois?
(2) I am 5'5", with 32 inch waist, and 29.5 inseam. I usually buy a size Medium, but I'm concerned that the legs will be too long.
Please advise. Thanks!

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a) The ALP-X line up is focused on mtn. biking primarily, with sturdier, abrasion resistant appointments. While slim, they allow for a bit more movement.

The 'Oxygen' line up is more road inspired.

Of the two here, the ALP-X has more, and better features. And, there are actually 2 different ALP-X choices, one is geared more for warmth and what Gore calls "thermoregulation"; while the other uses Gore's *Windstopper tech.

2) The size chart shown here is the same as the one from Gore. The shortest inseam will be the 'S', and the 'M'.
Order according to your waist...you can always tuck inside shoe covers (when needed); or even over top shoe...N.B.D.

Sounds like a 'M' (covering inseams of 31.5-32") will work out best for you; I think a 'S' will be just that, too small, as Gore sometimes runs rather smallish to begin with, depending on line.

Hope this still helps!