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Gear Question

I got a small sidewall tear after about...

I got a small sidewall tear after about 100 miles. After all the great reviews, I was surprised that no one complained about the durability. Was this just an isolated incident?

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Sounds like it could be a lemon. If you haven't passed the 30 day mark since purchase just go ahead and swap it out with RealCyclist, they will gladly take care of you.

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Thanks. I put the contis back on the rear to replace the hutchinson fusion 2's I'd worn out and didn't get the same cornering I was used to. I barely missed wiping out on a down hill section and somehow managed to do a fixie style skid to straighten out. The sidewall tear was tiny so I put it back on. It feels like the tire itself had already flattened out after a handful of rides. Unfortunately, I did not buy this one from RC and it's been a while.

Like you say, it may have been a lemon, but I'll be switching back to Hutchy's. I'm not much of a speed demon, so I don't mind the extra weight/rolling resistance.