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I fractured my tibia skiing a month ago,...

I fractured my tibia skiing a month ago, and was recommended to these tights to help reduce swelling, and help with the PT once I can start that up. I'm having trouble comparing all the different types of CW-X tights - I'm looking for the best compression, good support, but something that isn't too warm. These sound great for compression, but I'm worried they'll be too warm to sleep in or wear during the summer months. Does anyone have any opinions around this? Thanks!

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Jeff, these have a windproof front panel which works as advertised. I have worn them under powerstretch tights hiking on windy days and ice climbing. I have found that they offer great support and they really enhance the winter capabilities of powerstretch. These are winter tights. I'm not sure that I would want to either 1) sleep in them or 2) use them during the summer. I haven't used them during warm weather, and I don't imagine that they would work very well in any kind of heat.