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I don't believe in padding my handle bars...

I don't believe in padding my handle bars when I have padding in my gloves... that is if there is enough padding to do the job like gloves used to provide.

I found some well padded gloves last month, in the ladies section. Looks like us guys are supposed to be tough and just put up with carpal tunnel disorder, and the inability to shift or work our brake levers. Does anyone make a thickly padded glove that lasts? I don't care what the price is.

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These are great, as are the L.G. Nimbus. I understand the Assos' gloves are very good (available on Competitivecylist.com.). Of course, which gloves is "the best" is a very personal choice. IF you go with any L.G. product, I recommend order one size larger than the chart list (also check sizes with the charts on Comp.cyclist, as they sometimes differ); again, fit is a personal choice, too, snug is good, but so is being able to get them on/off!
I have the women's Nimbus gloves...(and carpal tunnel), these help. They are also pretty breezy, which is also important for hot summer rides. I am thinking of trying the Assos bike gloves. There is a mtn.bike forum/review simply called...mountain bike review! They review all sorts of products: apparel, lights, helmets, bikes (of course), etc., etc. Check it out. Have you ever found a good glove that works for you?
NOTE: About carpal tunnel, even for those who don't have it, to help alleviate hand/wrist fatigue, try changing hand position more frequently, and stretching your fingers and flexing your wrist out as often as you can; also, if you can, try a more up-right riding position when possible to help alleviate the additional pressure on your hands/wrist. It's a pain, I know!
Hope this can help.