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I currently use the Sidi Dominator 5 size...

I currently use the Sidi Dominator 5 size 45 mega. The extra width is great for relieving hot spots and using a BG footbed & vargus shim. I still have a little room and could fit a thicker sock if needed. A standard width is too narrow and a 46 is too long.

So the Diablo only comes in 45 or 46 & standard size with some extra room for a thicker sock. Would that equate to a Mega width or smaller? Since I would be using thicker socks & liner socks in cold weather I need extra width & length to accommodate that. I don't want to use booties over my current shoes and rather be able to use the Diablos for cold weather.

So I am trying to decide weather a 45 would be wide enough or whether I should use a 46 and hope the length is not an issue with thick socks. Too bad they don't offer half sizes or mega width, which would be a better fit.

Regards Steve

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Answer to my own question. I tried both the 45 & 46 and both are too narrow in the toe box with thick socks or a liner sock & standard sock. With standard socks they are ok, but then there is no air space to help keep warm. Too bad they don't make these in a mega size. I am returning both and will try the Shimano MW80, which is very similar but has a standard wide toe box as in most Shimano shoes.