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I am trying to decide between the Shimano...

I am trying to decide between the Shimano PD-M324 and the Shimano PD-A530. Which is a better option?
I have what they call a performance hybrid or flat bar road bike. I ride for fitness and in training for sprint triathlons. I usually use my mountain bike shoes (hate road bike shoes). Training rides are 10-20 miles and hope to get up to 30 this year. Sometimes I ride with my kids as well on shorter rides. I use sneakers with my kids but on training rides only when I forget my bike shoes.

Which is a better option, Shimano PD-M324 or the Shimano PD-A530?

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Hey Lovey,
Looks like your looking at the right options for your needs. It seems to me that the two pedals are pretty similar, this one (the m324) looks to be a little more geared towards off road use and might have a slightly grippier platform for the casual shoe side. The other option (the a530) seems like it has a slightly sleeker design and looks more geared to the casual, around town on the road rider. I would opt for the slightly larger platform of the A 530 for use with sneakers and it looks like Realcyclist has a nice deal on it right now too, so that may be the way to go!

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I'd agre- go with the a530 if you are doing rides that long. Its a great pedal.