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I am trying to decide between Conti GP...

I am trying to decide between Conti GP 4000 (in color) and the GP 4000s with Black Chili. Any Input?Is one remarkably better than the other?

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The Conti GP 4000 in the color variations is still a killer tire. It will wear well and still grips the road really well, plus cool colors are always a plus. However the Conti GP 4000 S does have the better black chili compound and therefore is stickier. That rubber is easily one of the best rubber compounds around and wears really well over time. The GP 4000 S will handle high speed corners better than the standard GP 4000 and will last a but longer as well. Other than that they are very similar and a little color in your life is always nice. I think you will need to make the call as to if color or performance is more important for your style of riding.