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I am 6'3, 32 waist. Will the mediums fit...

I am 6'3, 32 waist. Will the mediums fit me the way they should, and will they be long enough? Or will I look like I am wearing man-capri's, and not provide optimal compression benefits?

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Hey J Weiss,
I know its been a while since you asked, but I think I can help you out with your question or for anyone else with the same one. I'm about 6'1 with a 32 inch waist and I would definitely go for the mediums, mainly because I have pretty skinny little legs and the goal here is to get the tights, well, nice and tight. Don't worry as much about the length - you look silly in them no matter what. It is probably best to pair these with a pair of socks or, even better, some compression calf high socks, so that will take care of any problems with being a bit short.