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How much does it weigh and is it easy to...

How much does it weigh and is it easy to take on/off of the car for a woman

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Hey Barbara,

Thanks for the question. I'd say the Thule Transport T2 with STL2 Lock is around 30 lbs and it is a bit awkward to take on and off of a car hitch. Luckily, that moment doesn't happen too often as it is one of those hitch racks that you put on your car and leave on there for pretty much the entire bike season or longer if need be.

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Not the easiest rack to take on and off. I have the 2 bike extension and that thing is a cumbersome pig to take on and off. Lining up the holes and cranking the bolt down and then loosening it back up. mounting it isn't the most user friendly. It is more of a 'set it and forget it' kind of rack.

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My friend says it's more like 50 lbs. or nearly. Very heavy and awkward to move, and having only a compact car, and a 60+ mile drive to work each day, extra weight/gas mileage is real important; so he has to install and remove each time...that's the only downside is the weight of the thing!