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Gear Question

How does this compare to the Path or Tool...

How does this compare to the Path or Tool jackets that's a highly regarded offering from Gore? I can't seem to differentiate between their jackets. There's so much offerings. I don't want to overpay for something I don't really need yet I don't want to buy something that isn't really what I'm looking for.

These are my requirements:

- Able to withstand 15F or lower
- Vents
- Cycling fit (or slim Italian fit)
- Insulated inside
- Windstopper (I'm guessing this is a common thing for Gore Winter jackets)

I think Robert Thomas here is a rep from Gore. Help me out dude. Email me at g32ecs@gmail.com

Responded on

Looked on the Gore site, and compared the two you listed, and it sounds like the "Tool" is the best match for you. Still wear a good baselayer, or course. *Tool has a slim fit as opposed to Paths' "comfort fit". *Tool also has the underarm zip vents, and is warmer. It has more of the amenities you want. The Path is a bit more packable, but N.B.D. The Path is listed as water-proof, instead of resistant. It is also listed as a "comfort fit".
The new *Tool jacket has been awarded by 5 different sources! See it & compare (you can do a side x side compare) on Gore.
Hope this still helps!