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How do these fit compared to a Mavic,...

How do these fit compared to a Mavic, Shimano, or Sidi shoe? Run big or small?

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I can't speak to this shoe, specifically, but I have the R3s, and I think they fit just a touch bigger, both in length and width, than a Sidi shoe. Width is similar to Shimano, and length is probably close as well, if not a bit longer.

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Agree completely I actually purchased these they are about as narrow as Shimano or Mavic but longer. So far great shoe, I have completed 2 lengthy endurance races in them and they are great for the application where you might encounter some long steep hike a bike. Still stiff when you pedal but enough toe flex where you can hike steep unrideable sections of trail.

Some points:
They did seem to snug up after being soaked for a long period of time, I wont say shrunk but snigged up.
Durability: They are starting to wear already but I am rough on shoes. Will see how they hold up in the long run.
Cleat plates: Both mine stripped yes I might have over torqued but not by much, ended up taking some out of old pair of shoes that went into the dump.