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Hi, I am looking for the 3/4 pants that...

Hi, I am looking for the 3/4 pants that have the best chamois for long rides as I am very sensitive. Which do you recommend?

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I would suggest Giordana's Silver line (+ their on sale right now). The chamois is real nice, not to large. The riding level for the "Silverline" line is intermediate. For race/or higher performance level riders is their *F.R.C. or the *Laser line-up (but the chamois in these are actually much smaller)...but B.C. isn't offering knickers in these last two.

I have Gore's Xenon shorts, and love them...if they ever offer them in a knicker, I would suggest trying them, too.

You might want to consider a different seat for your bike as well; or, maybe, a pro-fitting at your local reputable bike proper/improper fit will enhance, or detract from your performance...even the 'tilt' of the seat...handlebar set...etc. if not calibrated just for you, can cause pain in various body parts...corresponding to the component that may need adjusting!

Hope this helps, and hope you catch the sale!