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Has Anyone Out There have any feedback on...

Has Anyone Out There have any feedback on this jacket, yet?
I have the 'regular' (though there's nothing regular about it!) FR-C women's jacket from this past winter; but would like a even warmer jacket for even colder rides.

So, is there really that much difference between the two (besides $)?
How's the fit, similar to the 'reg.' FR-C ?
At this price, should be able to cycle in Antarctica (have to put chains on the tires, though!)!

Thanks All for any Insight!

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Hi Debbie,

I actually just got the jacket and have not worn it yet. It is 36 degrees out currently. I plan to go out for an hour ride today so will give you feed back shortly as to how it performed i.e. (too hot, toasty warm (just right), warm or too cold for in the 30's.

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Hi Debbie,

To follow-up from my last comment. I just came back from a 10 mile bike ride. The temperature was 35 degrees F and the wind was blowing out of the west at 19mph. I was averaging 15mph. So calculating the overall wind chill factor the temperature felt more like 21 degrees F. Here is a link to a windchill calculator.

I wore a thin base layer with long sleeves from Patagonia and wore the Giordana Forma Red Zero Jacket on top. Remarkably my core stayed warm the whole time even when I made a few stops. I never felt cold. So I tested it down to much lower temperatures than probably most would ride in. I would rate this a 5 star jacket. One comment: I would recommend in colder temperatures to wear arm warmers. This would make this jacket perfect!

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Thank You so much for your helpful review! Did you use a balaclava to protect your face; if so, what brand? Ditto the arm warmers?

Thanks again, I'll check back.

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Hi Debbie,

I am glad that helped!

For my face I actually bought this item:

It works great in terms of breathing warm air through the mask. Your lungs are really protected from the direct cold air. It also protects the cheeks and goes down around the neck slightly which offers some protection there as well. It is attached via velcro so is adjustable. It doesn't really cover the ears but this is solved by wearing an ear band to solve that problem. One last comment, I did experience a slight problem in that when I breathed out through the masks it would tend to fog up my road glasses. This was very annoying. So I would suggest glasses that really have good vents to prevent fogging.

Happy winter rides!

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Thanks again, brave soul!

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No problem Debbie. To go along with the Giordana Windtex Hannibal Face Mask, I thought you might also like to add tear protection to your outside arsenal. Looks like this item is temporarily out of stock but you could inquire to see when it would be available.

Louis Garneau Ear Covers

My head circumference is 59CM and I chose the large size and it was perfect. There is no size chart for this item so hopefully this info might be helpful. Take care and ride well!