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Gear Question

Ha I just posted this questions over in...

Ha I just posted this questions over in the men's clothing but I figured I would post here too since I'm buying the woman's jacket.

I am looking at this jacket for women. I love the look and description of this jacket. I wish they would give a back view of the reflective material. How reflective is the jacket? It mentions the piping is reflective. Do you think the reflective parts are enough, do you wish there was more?

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HA is right! :-) I just posted a follow up to this over on the men's site, so I will follow up here with you too!!


This is a GREAT jacket. BTW, The jacket comes in a women's cut:

You can see a photo of the back of the jacket on the women's side. Piping is along the black panel that goes up the back. In addition, the area around the zipper and the Garneau logo are also reflective. Plus LG has added a tab to the bottom of the jacket that allows you to attach a visibility light.

I like the amount of reflective on the Jacket. It stands out well, but does not ruin the look of the piece. Rather gives it a good pop. The men's jacket has the same reflective profile as the women's described above.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions.