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Guys/gals': Sounds like a great mtn.bk....

Guys/gals': Sounds like a great mtn.bk. shoe! This would be my first pair of bike shoes (don't believe in skimping on quality); what pedal system do you all recommend? As suggested in the 'ad' above?...(will be mtn./trail riding).
Also, how do they seem to run, fit-wise? Nomally wear a 7 1/2 ladies U.S.
Any help so appriciated

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They run true to size in my opinion. They may have a slightly "european" fit that makes them feel a little narrow - but a tight fit is important with mtn bike shoes. They are also quite adjustable.

I would have to recommend the Crank Brothers Egg Beater pedals. Not because they are super light (they are) or because they shed mud the best (they do), or because of the four-sided entry (great feature) but because they are probably the most popular style right now, and its so so nice to be able to ride a buddy's bike without having to swap pedals.

PS. these shoes last forever... the people that say they've had them for 15 years don't surprise me at all.

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They fit true to size, I tried a lot of shoes on before choosing the Sidis. I did go with an insole that helped with comfort for hiking my bike and raised my foot for a tighter fit.
Aaron is spot on with the Crank bros pedals. I ride the eggbeaters on my road bike and Candy 2 on my mountain bike for a little extra stability

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Thanks, guys!

Now, what do you recommend for a great cyclocross bike (currently have a *Trek Fuel EX 8) ?!
...And, the same set up peddle-wise?

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When I bought my last road bike I had tried a few, The specialized Crux was one I liked a lot. I don't have much for experience with cyclecross bikes. I'm a mountain biker mostly but road bike for training and cardio. I do like to use the same pedals on all my bikes, that way you don't have to swap cleats and can move pedals around without having to worry about your shoes

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Thanks, that's the exact bike I was thinking of getting!
When I get the $$$$, I'll review how the whole system works out for me; for any other's with the same questions!

Thanks again so very much, very helpful!