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Does this shoe come in a wide version?

Does this shoe come in a wide version?
I have been waiting a long time for a lightweight
Northwave climbing shoe. Only brand that fits my
really wide foot....

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No it doesn't. Here is the deal. I had a pair of Northwave MTB shoes that were nice and wide. I picked up the Extremes and noticed they are not as wide as other Northwave shoes. They are still not as narrow as Giro and Shimano and they fit me good, hopefully after a couple weeks they will fit me even better.

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Damon, how has the Summer gone riding the NW Extreme Tech? What other shoes have you used that you can compare these to? Also how accurate was the sizing tool?

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Sorry didn't see this reply in the web site transition. I love the Northwaves. No hotspots then uppers form to the feet. I bought the 44.5 and had to return them to for a 45. So you may have to go a 1/2 size up. They run a little shorter and wider that Side and really consistent to Mavic. Those are the only two shoes I have to compare. I like the shoes wrecked this summer and the first thing checked was the shoes. They were pretty scratched up so I grabbed another pair for next year I like them so much.

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I love NWs and I've been riding them for a long time.
Just bought the extreme tech in the same size (46) as usual and it feels much narrower than any NW I've ever had. I do have wide feet and NWs always worked for me. Not this time...
It is a pity... it is a great shoe, looks good and the construction is impeccable.