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Couple of questions:
1) Are these more...

Couple of questions:
1) Are these more breathable than Phantom? Or Less?
2) How is insulating property vs Phantom?
3) Packing size. (in dimensions maybe?) Comparison picture would be cool if anyone has one! Thank you.

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Couple of answers!
1. Should be very similar to the Phantom in terms of breathability. Gore-Tex Active Shell breaths at the same level as Windstopper Soft Shell, but the Phantom has a panel in the back with even more highly breathable fabric with no membrane - so the Phantom will breath a little better.
2. The Phantom will be warmer. The Oxygen GT AS Jacket is just a shell, so will not insulate beyond what you wear beneath it. It IS Windproof, however.
3. It comes with a separate stash bag that packs down to about 6" x 4" x 1"... Very packable, and will fit in a jersey pocket.

Keep in mind this is a WATERPROOF, WINDPROOF, highly breathable jacket, while the Phantom is only windproof, water resistant.

hope that helps!
Robert, Gore Bike Wear