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Cool description but it seems pretty douchey...

Cool description but it seems pretty douchey that this glamorized version of their old tool is almost $60. The douchebag boss probably would be the guy buying this. For having so many features, too many to name it would be nice to see an actual photo of them.

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As a long-time owner of the Crank Brothers Multi 17 tool, I can see some features on the Pika ( and Crank Brothers' other premiu tools) that would justify the higher price. Stainless steel means it won't rust, as my other Multi 17l did after a few years. the Pica's tools are centered on the axis of the pivot where the Multi 17's are offset and more awkward to turn. The Pica has detents that hold the bits in place every 90 degrees, where the regular Crank Brothers tools can get pretty sloppy, especially if they are not kept tightened. Finally, the premium tools have a streamlined shape that makes them fit much better in a small saddle bag. It seems to me Crank Brothers is charging more for something that is genuinely better. It's up to you whether the improvements justify the cost.

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I own the 17 too and have purchased many of the original CB bike tools as gifts to family members and biking pals. I have seen some of them get loose but that's just a quick tighten to fix and you're good. I would love to see some pics of the actual tool open with attention to the details and make some judgment calls from there. Show me the goods!