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O.K...Now 'kick-it-up-a notch'!

The Universal SO cap is O.K. for fall/spring, but leaves much to be desired: the top of this particular cap has no real protection/warmth...essentially, it's a head band with a top. I've both this and the SO Thermal...a huge difference!

***Pictured here is Gore's Universal SO Thermal cap (as the previous reviewer mentioned).
Outstanding fit & warmth!
Fits under my 'M' Specialized S-Works Prevail helmet with no problem. It also covers ears better than the other. Note the little slits on the sides: for slipping the arms of your glasses/goggles through, but not all the way through, there is material back behind opening so that the wind isn't going straight through to your head, nor creating a gap for wind to get in around the arms of the glasses.


O.K...Now 'kick-it-up-a notch'!