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Talk to your average Campyphile and within 30 seconds you're all but guaranteed to hear them brag about the frictionless feel of Campagnolo hub bearings. Unlike any other thought about Campy, those silky bearings are legendary, as though they're symbolic of the very fact that Campagnolo has long made the world's most sought-after bicycle componentry. It makes perfect sense, then, that Campagnolo has made these hubs the backbone of every one of the pre-built wheels. Campagnolo offers wheels in three depths, each designed for a specific use. Their Low-Profile wheels are ideal for mountainous riding or routes with short, steep, repetitive climbs. Their Medium-Profile wheels employ 30mm rims and special spoking to make them both aerodynamic and light. Their High-Profile wheels are highly specialized and are specifically designed to give you an aerodynamic edge, with all other considerations taking a backseat. No matter what profile wheelset you choose, you can rest assured knowing that no finer hubset exists than those on found on Campagnolo wheels. And Campy has worked with equal passion at matching those hubs to rims and spokes worthy of the name. You'll fall in love with the way their machined aluminum braking surface will give you the most powerful and consistent braking you've ever felt. And their bladed spokes are feathery light with a self-orienting nut-plate system with spherical coupling that all-but-ensures you'll never break a spoke. In every detail you'll find a quality of engineering that makes Campagnolo our best selling pre-built wheelset brand.

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