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Item # BIK0002

No space in your case

If you've ever traveled with your bike you know all too well that security agents and baggage handlers are like bulls in a china shop. In fact, it almost seems that the case itself lets off a high pitch that beckons like a whistle to a dog, screaming --"abuse me, misuse me." The Canadian company, Biknd, has developed a system to transport and protect your precious cargo with its Jetpack bike transport case.  

Now, we know that the least expensive way to fly with your bike is to grab a cardboard box and some bubble wrap, pack it with love, and hope that it arrives in once piece. And until recently, if you raced downhill, a box was the only packaging large enough to fit your frame. But we only recommend that method for the betting man. Biknd's Jetpack is designed to accommodate a bike as large as a full suspension downhill bike -- frame and wheels. To boot, there is plenty of interstitial space for helmet, shoes, and kit. The bike secures to the case via both front and rear axles. By utilizing both axles to connect the bike to the rigid aluminum and plastic frame, the bike itself provides rigidity and compression strength for the case. The axles include a safe-locking mechanism to ensure secure hold while in transit. Depending on your bike, you may need to remove the saddle, and it is recommended that the rear derailleur also be removed. Stem and crank covers reduce the risk of scratches. Both of your wheels will fit in the case, one on each side of the frame.Wheel covers are included. 

What makes the Jetpack stand a step above other bike cases? Well, unlike cases with hard sides or flimsy fabric pulled over metal frames, the Jetpack was constructed of an inflatable wall system. These padded walls are constructed of heavy, puncture-resistant, woven nylon fabric. The inflation valve is easily accessible.You won't need to stuff the extra space in your case with towels and clothing. Once your bike is packed, simply inflate the walls and they will conform to your frame. This holds the bike secure in the case, reducing rattles, dent and dings. It also creates cushioning that pads the frame against tumbles that may occur en route.

Because Biknd knows that one of the most difficult parts of traveling with your bike is lugging it through the airport, a smooth-rolling set of wheels was added to the bottom. There two side straps, one top strap and a long removable shoulder strap so that maneuvering your bike is easy. Small pockets hold your parts and accessories. 

The Biknd Jetpack case weighs only 15.4pounds. Its external dimensions are 31.5"tall, 51.2"long, and 10.25"wide. It folds and stows to a convenient 12" by 14" by 50." It will fit most road, mountain, and downhill bikes. It is available in One size and One color.

  • Inflatable sidewalls
  • Weighs 15.4 pounds empty

Tech Specs

31.5 x 51.2 x 10.25 in
Claimed Weight:
15.4 lbs
Recommended Use:
Manufacturer Warranty:
1 year

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Good but not tough at all

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Two trips is all it took to lose two screws and have one of the inflatable wheel covers to develop multiple holes along the seam. Definitely a design flaw. The outside of the bag is perfect and the bike shows not a single scratch (I guess it worked in that regard, but it is an awful lot to pay for a "single use" bag.)

I would say look elsewhere if you want to travel more than a couple times, unfortuntately. I had high hopes.

Unanswered Question

Could you measure the max BB to seat height that will fit? Also max wheelbase (I'm guessing that's the key dimension)
This looks like it would require less disassembly than my Iron Case (not having to remove the fork would cut packing time in half), if it can fit my XL bike(s).

Can you confirm the real weight for this case? I've heard that the claimed weights for some of these cases are not accurate - and have a 30 pound bike so must guarantee that case is 20 pounds or lower - Howard

Hey Howard,

BIKND's website says the Jetpack is 8kg or 17.6lbs so it should be light enough for your needs.

I am assuming you are trying to keep the bike + case under 50 lbs. for airline travel?

Contact me directly and I can have one of our Gear Gurus measure the precise weight for you. Feel free to shoot me any more questions about Bike Travel Cases.


Expert Gearhead


Best Answer

Hey Howard,

Our Gear Guru Travis weighed the Jetpack and it came in at 23.02 lbs. Sounds like it might too heavy for your needs.

great travel bag

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Normally, I don't review products, but since I read a lot of reviews while trying to choose a bag I felt like I should in this case.
So far I've only used the bag for one trip, but it worked out very nice. Packing and unpacking take me about 20min. Easy maneuvering in the airport and fits great in a minivan rental.
I really liked that I didn't have to remove the rotors or even deflate the tires for travel--super nice for tubeless.
Bag weighed in under 50lbs with my large s-works epic 29er in it.
No damage on either leg of the trip to the bag or my bike.
Looking forward to taking it more places.

Pretty sure all airlines require you to deflate tires due to pressure changes and possible bursting.

Planes are pressurized to like 6-7k feet. Your tires won't burst and you won't have a problem unless the plane had an emergency loss of pressure.

True story on tire pressure. Sea level is 14.7 PSI, so even if the plane depressurized to zero, your tires shouldn't blow off unless you were to pump them to within 14.7 PSI of the max rating for the tire/rim (which you should not do under pretty much any circumstances anyway).

Really Nice Design

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

My first travel with the Jetpack from Colorado to BC went really well. I had no problem to fit my Giant Glory in the case (Without deflating shocks). Once I shown my case, my friends were admiring the structure of the case.

Two bikes, one case.

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

"Wow". That's the only word that can describe this case guys. I used it for my MTB – Devinci Wilson XL and my road bike Trek Speed concept 7.5 and each time the case worked perfectly. I never had problem with TSA, the case is pretty robust and the airbags protection is just amazing. Never had a scratch.

Once I bought it a lot of my friends did the same thing and only one had a problem since but Biknd fixed it in like 3 days (transport included and no charge).

Not impressed + needs to be sturdier !

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I've put into the bag a Cove G-Spot (AM bike), Size L, which happens to have a 135x10mm solid rear axle. After trying everything with the provided bushings there was nothing that would work with this kind of rear axle. I contacted the Biknd tech support, only reply I got was that I might be missing a couple bushings. I checked and I have exactly what's supposed to be in the box, so it looks like they made a mountain-bike specific bag without thinking of the different wheel axles available... Fortunately I was able to make custom bushings but that was a real disappointment, especially since 3 weeks later I'm still waiting for a useful answer from them.

I then managed to fit my bike pretty well but had to tweak some things :

- used the rear bracket in the "road bike" position instead of "mountain bike" position

- removed completely the seat post (couldn't lower the seat enough to close the bag (that might not be a problem to everyone)

- had to dismount the rear caliper as it was definitely too exposed, they advertise you only have to dismount the rear derailleur, which I did too (with derailleur hanger). Even though it's no big deal, it's deceiving.

Everything else worked as advertised and I have to say the packed bike is pretty compact ! That's good !

The handles make is easy to lift the bag AS LONG AS IT STAYS VERTICAL. When I got to lift "flat" to my pickup bed it clearly lacked a few handles. That's a major problem for the airport baggage guys too (I've unfortunately seen it first hand...), the bag is hard to handle horizontaly. By nature those guys don't really care about what they're handling, so when it's a big heavy bag with not enough handles... it's very bad !

My bike has not been damaged on this trip but the bag has seen better days :

- on my way in, one side airbag was punctured

- the bottom of the bag has some big tears

- the stitching on the lower corners is cut open in some places.

Overall a bag that could be great but still need improvements.

Will this case fit 29" mountain bike...

Will this case fit 29" mountain bike wheels?

Best Answer

Hi Robbie,

This case is made to fit a wide array of bikes, including mountain bikes with 29-inch wheels.

Jetpack VS Evoc

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I was looking at getting the Evoc or the Biknd and finally went for the Jetpack. If your looking at doing the same thing get the JETPACK as I am extremely satisfied. My friends have the Evoc however the jetpack is lighter and a lot cheaper if used with a road bike as you don?t need to buy the road adapter for the Evoc.

Its well designed and the instructions are easy to follow.

Highly recommended !

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Had this bag a couple of weeks and it?s really easy to use and lightweight (once you?ve set it up with your bike). I?ve done a couple of trips with my carbon DH with no damage. I don?t even have to take my front fork off.

I don?t really understand Zachary`s comments as with every bike case you have to dissemble your bike? my frame isn?t scratched and some airlines are cheaper than others?..Southwest didn?t charge me.

I would highly recommend this product and I know with its metal frame and air bags that my $$$$$$ bike is protected. I will be taking my Cervolo P5 on my next trip and am looking forward to see how things turn out.

How did it work out with your P5? I have a P3 and would like to begin traveling to races with it, but worried about it arrive in one piece. Anymore feedback and experiences would be great!


  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Bought this bag for a bunch of reasons. The price was right and it had the opportunity to get me away without paying too much to take my bike with me... Under 50lbs can sometimes squeeze by without paying the standard bike baggage fess airlines are charging now.

Lets just say that I am so angry after using it that I am sending it back.

You have to take the bike completely apart.

It is kind of a pin in the ass to use.

Then it leaves much to be desired for keeping the handlebars from damaging the frame. I did what I could to add some more items to try and keep the bars from damaging the frame... But, much to my dismay, the frame is now scratched to shit. My brand new $3k Cervelo is scratched to f%$^&*&^%^$ shit.

I am so angry that I think BIKND should send me a new frame. I only rode the bike three times TOTAL.

Buy this bag only if you have a bunch of extra padding for it. Or, just be smarter than me and buy a hard plastic case - they are going to make you pay baggage fess no matter what because even if the packed bike is under 50 lbs, they still whack you with $100-200 in fees. Its worth the extra money to buy a hard case.

Be smart. Buy a hard case with lots of foam. Dont buy this case.

I know this is an old review, but I hope you realize that with any bike travel case, you have to more or less disassemble the whole bike (pedals off, handlebars off, sometimes seatpost off, etc.). I also hope you understand that YOU are supposed to wrap the frame and bars with something to protect them from each other. Something like bubble wrap works great or plumbing insulation foam, or both. Both add very little weight and are, well, common sense. It sounds like you are mad at the company who made a perfectly fine product because you weren't smart enough to realize that allowing handlebars and frame to come in contact with each other in a baggage compartment on a plane would cause problems.

Sorry Jeremy C - it was the first case I have ever bought for travel with a bike... Also first travel with a bike. I have since tried three different cases and what I have learned since is similar to what I learned in using this case: A hard case is the best way to go. TSA will open your bike case up and go through your shit and move your shit around. Then, the airline will throw your bike around like its garbage. My bike was damaged in the BIKND case from TSA deflating the wheel sac and untying my shoes that were in place to protect my bike from itself. There is nothing that the case or I could have done to prevent that.

I have the same opinion now as I did in 2014 : Plastic case. Wrap in foam and zip tie everything so it wont move. Cross your fingers. Bike should be fine if you do that, but there is never a guarantee. TSA are raging dickheads and at the end of the day, you are the only person that cares about your bike. Do what you can to keep it safe.