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Another great product from Assos.
Wish i knew about this sooner
Not worth it.
Sizing is odd
Great shorts, but ....
Size Chart
Meh, it's Cork.
mounts up easily
Now what do I do with all my other bib?
briliant eyewear !
Pink Bike Piece
Pink Bike Piece
EVERYONE can see it!
Go With Organic
Looks great but not functional
Arundel cage.
Expensive, but worth every penny...
Lives up to its name
Pricey but worth it!
Style kids love, safety and fit parents love
Style kids love, safety I love
Great design and fit
Nicely made but watch the sizing
Fantastic Helmet
Riding outdoors in Indiana in January
Blackburn Camber, best carbon cage ever
Most Comfortable Bib.....Ever
Bell Fraction Bike Helmet - Youth / Kids Helmet
Love these shorts
I like them :)
Size I is small. I mean REALLY SMALL
An outstanding pair of bibs
Good for 2 seasons
Great Product
Buy a set for each wheel
Very good bibshorts - great price
love it
Blinded by the light
Only gloves i've found to work for me!
Regretting having to put on my custom ki
Comfortable, but heavy
Good Racing Cut Jersey
Not Strong Enough
Great shirt, multi-use
Warmer than you think
BIKND Helium Air-Cushioned Bike Case
Not as good as I had hoped
Came Stock On My Cannondale
Very Nice
Stay Comfortable and Fresh
I get loooks
Decent value for your $
Shorts looked great BUT...
The perfect Saddle Bag (IMO)
Very Bright!
outstanding jersey, with a couple of *
steel is real
Flea front and rear
the best!
Great Helmet
excellent !
Great brakes
Great commuter lights.
Don't like 'em
Sooo bright and light.
Great, but watch size.
Honestly worth the money.
Follow sizing suggestion
Color fades drastically, uncomfortable
Can a seat bag be beautiful and durable?
This Jacket lives up to expectations.
Great compression sock
Economical and Practical
Blackburn Camber CF Cage.
Fabric is bunchy
2nd skin offering perfect wicking
Never thought I would LOVE a Helmet. . .
Another Great Bell Helmet
Lightweight and pretty, too
A must read
Exactly as advertized
Best deep winter gloves I've owned.
Like a glove
It's like buy 5 get one free
Good for summer and short rides
Isn't comfortable if...
It works
Lots of room
The best! Why such a limited selection?
Great trainer!
Great fit, really unique
Great pair of shorts.
Like a magic trick!
Classy, but expendable.
Easy To Use Bike Bag
Perfect for Real Winters
Winter time
s7 Leg Warmers
$80 for arm warmers???
Great gloves if it's dry
No more cool weather, sweaty rides.
Not impressed....twice
Velcro is weak
Already a favorite
As warm as they get
Way Nice!!!!!!!!
excellent cage
Awesome :)
Not Perfect, but Damned Good
im either stupid or mine was defective
Wonderfully predictable
Basically perfect - and still expensive
Love is expensive
bad straps
Good replacement for my Pneumo.
A Red Sun In the Night
Assos good but descriptions very vague
sizing is critical
The Ultimate in Rain Protective Gear
Assos leg warmers
just a (really good!) bottle cage
i love assos, but . . .
High maintenance, overpriced
Sizing chart is off
Good lights
Excellent product
Works for me
Super knickers
Assos and my body do not mix
Top of The Line!
Expensive for a reason..
Good for NICE roads only
Custom Crafted
White ones are see through
great commuter lights
Great Fit If...
error in description
Video Break Down
Comfortable Bibs
Becoming addicted to these...
Best for tight places
BIKND Helium Air-Cushioned Bike Case
Bell Array Helmet
Assos Knickers
Great Helmet
Best Bang for le Buck
Cork Tape; if it aint broken, why fix it
Array vs Influx
Bright, Handy, and Multi-Functional.. With New Batteries.
A good start
Super light
Very good
Very good
Very good
best bib i ever had !
Very good
Very good
Excellent performance jersey
Great all-weather Knickers
Great alternative
It's a nice shirt, but short sleeves
Great lights
Tape is tape
Awesome Piece of Kit
Bad plastic smell
Small for an XL
Great helmet
Great Cream
not happy. not usable for general riding
Not powerful enough
Worth Every Penny.
Great jersey but beware of sizing!!
Ridiculous but perfect
Great summer base layer
Assos Fit Chart
Steel is real
Simple and Clean
Quality Cork Tape
Nice Jersey, but loose
Need Large Thighs
Not to high .
Airport tip
Jesus' Bibs
Gage helmet
Great shorts! I will buy the again!
Good Stuff Maynard!
inseam length
Perfect in Pink
Brooks bar tape
Worth the Price?
Big disappointment
Excellent Cork!
Very nice.
Great stuff!
Save your money. These shorts are weak.
Excellent base layer for cool conditions
Very nice
Won't wear anything else
Perfect for Cross.
Bell Fit
It's like having a But"t"ler
Like sitting on a $1000 executive chair
Question: Davo
Best piece of cycling apparel that I own
no water inside
very warm
Excellent very warm base layer
bullet proof tubular classic rims built.
This is how shorts are supposed to feel
one of the top of the market!
No Insert
Great travel case
warmest sock I own
the best reward after a long ride
finishing detail not as expected
Pretty much the best you can buy
Very Happy!
Good glove, bad grip
Tech Fluid vs CycleOps Fluid 2
At last comfort...
Great Investment!
Made In China - Very Poor Quality
I don't always use chamois cream...
Awesome Cold Weather Knickers
Best Bag for the Buck
complete pair or just one?
Form Follows Function
the best
Carry anything!
Mars 4.0
British Support
Fugu Booties
Wish they had a chamois
Very good base layer
my favorite
Downhill only
Very good Jersey, worth it at sale price
Tight hold
Tight, but very nice.
Very Bright!!!!
Fits like a $30 jersey.
Very Bright!!!!
Amazing Bike
great cap
Infinito Love
The matte white turned yellowish
The new Assos s7 bibshorts are brilliant
So far... so good!
Great cool weather gloves
Love this bag!
I hope a variety of products for women Assos
Upping the bar, again.
Best Enduro Helmet Out There
I hope a variety of products for women Assos
Useless with TSA
I wouldn't have believed...
You get what you pay for
Absolute essential
They stop my bike
Great neck brace.
Nice fit but overly thick chamois.
not good
Great Minimalist Saddle Bag
Good fit, classic designs
Great shorts!
I hope a variety of products for women Assos
front flea light
Nice n cushy Chamois
Blackburn Mars 2.0
Read our Text Review here:
Can't go wrong with Alpinestars jersey
Double Century Tested
Ready to get back in the saddle!
Pure Crap
Great Bike Bag
Didn't Know I Needed It Until I Tried It
Avoid for the Cost
Superb quality and materials
Nice bottle cage
Great Bottle Cage
Really disappointed
Best-fitting leg warmers ever
Super vest.
crashed it
Made me downsize the wardrobe...
Bell Gage Helmet
best bibs ever
Simply Fab!
No Sweat!
Best helmet you could buy
Some of the best bib shorts ever
Absolutely amazing. Buy them now.
Love it
Assos ,5 stars on bibshorts
Love this base layer
Don't Bother With This One
Invisible --
so far, so good...
Most uncomfortable chamois ever
Great jersey....But...
Normal Person-cyclist
Great first Trainer
My favorite saddle
outstanding bibs
Brooks price
All natural? Not Really
4>2 or Power to the People
Excellent Trainer
Very nice
4>2 Power to the People
One of the best pieces I own
Aloe Up, perfect
high price/ medium performance
My backside says these are the best
It's the Sh*t!
Most effective bib for distance.
Get 'em while they're "cheap"
Can't believe I ever road w/o this helmet.
Everything you want, nothing you don't
Expensive but worth every penny
Very Stylish, Love It!
For long rides use Assos chamois creme
Lighter Weight Swimmies
Saved my brains
level 10 protection
Wow. Saved my melon today...
Best Bib Shorts Ever
Looks pretty awesome
Nice short but lacking for distance
'Taint perfect, but it's close
It's true - it works
Good pump
Might have to get just on Drzipgrip rec
very comfortable
solid casual vest, reasonable value
The good stuff
It's Assos. Expect the best.
great casual shirt
Tight and warm
They don't last
Great cushion, soft grip
Best winter jacket ever
Like wearing nothing at all, he says...
Love, love love this helmet
Good skid lid
Best ever winter tights?
Great looking helmet but...
Best everyday pump
Superb but not a large seat bag.
Tried many others and this is the best!
assos jersey 13
White/Black are different, runs small
Wow, they actually fit!
Bianchi Sempre Pro 2014 (Ultegra)
Universal fit
Great casual shirt
Great bibs!
Lose your bottle in a TT?`
Not bad for the price
Loved this jersey, but needed XL
Best in the line-
New and Improved...
Not good for rough pavement
Good Brake
I'm an Assos man, but disappointed...
Pricey but good...
Pricey, yes. Pretty, most certainly.
Best Chamois EVER!
Best Winter Bib Ever
LIves Up to the Claims
The Volt is DynoMite!
Super good Bell VIDEO info:
don't waste your money
Kind of impressed
Super good Bell VIDEO info:
Super good Bell VIDEO info:
Wine tour or TT? Get this guy.
Super good Bell VIDEO info:
Great for cold rides.
The Best Gets Better.
Nice pants
Great arm warmer for thin arms
Great seat!
Great choice
Beautiful Mug!
Surprised by no "extras"
Tacky, grippy, durable
Buy them if you're after aesthetics
Perfect Fit
Assos S7_T.Cento (100) bibshorts
Best long-haul shorts money can buy
Great tape
Great Cages - Results May Vary
Great Price, but not for extreme use
Lifetime Warranty
Very disappointed
Too bad
Great bibs shorts
Does the Job
Pretty Damn Good
Lost caster wheels while traveling
Save your money
Too much branding
a necessary evil
Is very bright
Super Jersey
Highly recommended
Used once: broken wheel
Works well
Great helmet
Get something else... they're dangerous.