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Castelli Features & Highlights


The Climber's 2.0 Jersey

Aerodynamic jerseys provide obvious benefits on the flats, but they often don't transition well to grueling climbs, a problem Castelli's Climber's 2.0 Men's Cycling Jersey was made to address. The Climber's 2.0 adopts the patterning of the Aero Race 5.0 Jersey for a slick aero fit that will help you cut through the headwinds.


From socks to skullcaps and gloves, Castelli makes a wide vareity of cycling clothing accessories to enhance your look and ride.

The Free Aero Bib Shorts

Castelli’s Free Aero Race Bib Shorts hide their assets in their name. Namely, free speed, aerodynamics, and race-oriented. The Free Aeros utilize a variety of surface textures, fabrics, and time in the wind tunnel to deliver a claimed 10-watt savings at 50kph. This may not seem like much, but those savings add up over even a two or three hour ride, and could mean the difference between enough power for a sprint and pedaling lamely to the line.

The Gabba Collection

The Gabba 2 embodies Castelli's ethos of minimalism in construction by using as few fabrics and seams as possible. With the exception of the stretchy Nano Flex inserts in the underarms, the entire jersey is made from Windstopper X-Lite fabric. Windstopper X-Lite has 1.4 billion impossibly small pores per square-inch that guard your microclimate jealously. They don't let wind in, but they do let moisture and water vapor out, keeping you cool and corfortable for your entire ride.